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City Imaging Ultrasound for Women

This page allows you to make an appointment at our City Imaging rooms in Fitzroy. For appointments in Hawthorn East or Frankston South please click here.

Please read the information below before booking an appointment.

Appointment times

Not all of our appointment times can be booked online. If you can not find a suitable time or your appointment is urgent, please ring our rooms on 96508833 as they may be able to help you find a more suitable or more urgent appointment time.

If you need an appointment for a second opinion, please ring our rooms as more time needs to be allocated.

If you need to book a procedure such as a CVS, Amniocentesis or tubal patency assessment, please ring our rooms as accurate timing of those appointments is important.


Three of our doctors work at City Imaging. Dr Edwards works on Monday and Friday, Dr Chalmers on Tuesday and Wednesday and Dr Piessens on Thursday.


For pregnancy ultrasound there is no preparation. You can eat and drink as you like. There is no need for a full bladder. More information can be found by clicking here.

For gynaecological ultrasound there is no preparation for a normal vaginal ultrasound. If you can not have a vaginal ultrasound and an abdominal ultrasound is preferred, then you need to attend with a very full bladder. More information can be found here.

If your ultrasound is specifically for endometriosis, rest assured that every routine gynaecological ultrasound at City Imaging Ultrasound for Women includes a detailed assessment for endometriosis and no preparation is required for this. If you have a significant history of endometriosis, you could consider some preparation that may improve the views. You can find more information by clicking here.


You can find information regarding our fees by clicking here.