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Lecture series: O&G Spring Meeting for GP's 

The O&G Spring meeting provided an update on numerus O&G ultrasound topics such as NIPT, Preeclampsia Screening, Fetal Surveillance in the 3rd Trimester, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Endometriosis, Pelvic Floor Assessment and Infertility. For those who missed it, the lectures can be viewed on YouTube by clicking on the image below.

Fetal Growth Charts

Until recently we have been in a suboptimal situation when it comes to expressing an EFW in terms of a percentile that is relevant to our population. We have had access to fetal weight charts from foreign populations, or birth weight charts from an Australian population, but not the ideal combination of a fetal weight chart based on an Australian population.

The development of a new fetal weight chart based on Hadlock proportionality and GROW (Gardosi) methodology adapted to the Australian population using Nepean Hospital data as per Mikolajczyk et al., has offered a worthy solution. This chart, referred to as the ‘Australian Fetal Weight Chart’, has been supported at meetings of the Australian Association of Obstetric and Gynaecological Ultrasonologists (AAOGU) and Victorian Obstetric Sonologists (VOS) groups, and is believed to offer a more realistic set of normal range curves. Two of the tertiary obstetric hospitals in Melbourne, The Mercy Hospital for Women and Monash Health, along with many private ultrasound practices, have adopted this chart. The new chart is much more sensitive at detecting IUGR around the 26-34 week range, and an audit at Monash Health has shown that the EFW percentiles correlate very closely with newborn weight percentiles. We are expecting, therefore, an increase in scans reporting IUGR early in the third trimester. The EFW percentile will now also better align with the individual biometry measurements. You can download a copy of the Australian Fetal Weight Chart by clicking on the chart below.


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